Why Defined Fitness ?

We have a PROVEN track record in helping hard working dads:

 Lose the belly so that you can wear a fitted shirt with confidence.

 Regain your fitness so that you can play with your kids all day without feeling exhausted.

 Shrink those embarrassing man boobs so that you can take your shirt off on holidays without feeling self-conscious.

 Turbocharge your energy levels so that you can dominate your day in work and be a superhero to your kids.

 Build an athletic looking body and have all your mates wondering how you did it.

Our mission is to transform your body-shape, fitness and energy so that you can radiate confidence and be the ultimate role model to your kids.

Bulletproof dad

Train with like minded lads, in a highly motivated and encouraging atmosphere. Our Semi-private framework has a strict cap on numbers so that all your individual needs are catered for, whilst having the motivation of the group around you.

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One To One Coaching

Work with me directly on a personal basis. I will build you a personalised weight loss plan utilising the exercise and nutrition options that fit into your current lifestyle. We will set clear targets to monitor and assess your progress with daily contact and correspondence.

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Our Success Stories

We make big claims about our programs because we can back it up with big results. Click the link below to see some of the jaw-dropping transformations our clients have achieved to date.

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Proven Track Record

We pride ourselves in changing the lives our real life hardworking dads. Our programs are designed to compliment your busy lifestyle and not complicate it. 

“I was a bit scared and questioned if I would fit in with the group. I had tried the gym a few times but never really stuck it. After 6 months of joining BPD I was down 20 kilo’s and this gave me the confidence to change job to progress my career.”


“I am a coach for my sons GAA team and I was struggling to keep up with them. I was always into sport when I was younger but as work got busier and my boys came along I really struggled to keep the weight off. After joining BPD within a few months I dropped the weight and got my energy back. I am still a proud member today.”


“I couldn’t play football with my 3 year old son for more than 2 minutes. I had reached a point of being mentally and physically drained before joining Bulletproof Dad. The whole family has benefited as I’ve more energy after a session and I’m now a good role model for my kids. I am still enjoying my training here 5 years on.”


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