Where do you want to be in 90 days time?

Transformed and buzzing with energy

Full of confidence

The ultimate role model for my children

Defined Fitness Programs

Bulletproof Dad

Our small group training is ideal if you hate the monotony of going to the gym and training on your own. Or if you miss the buzz of being part of a team back when you played sport, this is the program for you. While you train in a small group set up, the exercises you do and the weights you lift are tailored to your personal strength and fitness levels. We constantly track your progress and make the necessary progressions as you improve.

  • Train with like-minded lads, in an encouraging, inclusive and highly motivated atmosphere.
  • All sessions designed, supervised and delivered to the highest standard.
  • Strict Cap on Numbers to ensure high quality sessions.
  • Personalised nutrition plan that is continually monitored and supported with an abundance of resources.
  • Regular Body-Fat Analysis on our state of the art In-Body body fat analysis machine to accurately monitor your progress.
  • Full Access to our incredibly comprehensive online members hub.
  • Additional workout plans available to train at home or on holidays.
  • Alternative exercise plans including couch to 5k, cycling plans and step challenges.
  • Daily Contact with me to ensure you’re on track
  • Group Forum for support for you and your training partners to keep you accountable and motivated
  • Dressing room like atmosphere, so a sense of humour is essential
  • This not one of those oversized anonymous bootcamp where you are left to your own devices.
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1 To 1 Coaching

Perhaps you’re in the worst shape of your life right now and the idea of training in a small group set up is a bit daunting. If so, don’t stress you can work with me directly on a personal basis. Each month I take on a handful of guys to work with me on a one to one basis. I will assess your current lifestyle and build you a personalised training and nutrition plan that will fit in with YOUR lifestyle. 

  • Direct access to me on a daily basis
  • A personalised exercise plan to tie in with your busy schedule.
  • A flexible approach to training that can be built around any special physical requirements.
  • A personalised nutrition plan based around the foods you like and have access to.
  • Weekly challenges to ensure you stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Daily contact with me to ensure you stay on track.
  • Continuous feedback and communication to ensure you get where you need to be no matter what life throws at you
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