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My Mission is to help busy dads transform their energy, self-confidence and body shape so that can lead a healthy household and be the best possible example to their kids.

Who is Andrew Lahart?

I am the owner and head trainer at Defined Fitness. I started my fitness journey over a decade ago qualifying with a BSc in Sports & Exercise Management from University College Dublin. In 2011 I qualified as a personal trainer after attending a specialised course in Dublin City University. And soon after set up my personal training business Defined Fitness. 
In 2013 I moved to Perth, Australia working as PT with the Australian Navy cadets, a phenomenal experience. 
Upon returning to my hometown of Dublin a year later, I set up my own training facility and Defined Fitness was ready to go to the next level. 
Over the following years I have travelled the world and picking up qualifications in the fields of:
Strength & Conditioning so that my clients get the highest level of programming based around their specific needs. 
Nutrition so that my clients can get a personalised plan that will allow them to get the absolute best result from their training and transform their body.
Physical Therapy so any of my clients who are carrying old injuries can still train in an effective manner. 
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Why Dads?

Over the last decade working as a personal trainer, I noticed a recurring theme with most of the lads I was training. They all had a very similar background, falling into bad habits once they had settled down and had a family. Often they have tried the gym before but with no proper guidance or support, they struggled to get any decent consistency going. Especially if they grew up playing a team sport and do best working with a team of guys from a similar background. 
My programs are designed specifically for lads who have had to stop exercising because every spare minute they have is spent working a busy job and looking after the kids. And as a result, your weight has crept up over the years, developing a nice little ned kelly (aka the dad belly) and possibly ending up in the worst shape of your life. Not because you are lazy, it was simply down to a genuine lack of time as other priorities took over.
The results I’ve helped lads achieve so far have been literally jaw dropping (as you can see from my transformation pics). Offering the guidance, support, motivation and accountability that’s necessary in order for long lasting transformation to happen. Especially for guys who are short on time.
The bottom line is the best exercise & nutrition plan is the one you can actually stick to. As a busy Dad there is no point asking you to spend every minute you have in the gym. Or follow a restrictive food plan that will have you cut off from your friends & family. Because not ammeter how motivated you say you are, how long is that gonna last? Be honest.
I combine the most effective form of exercising with a few nutrition fundamentals so that you can get the absolute maximum return for your limited time. And in turn seeing an incredible transformation in your body, confidence and energy and the knock on benefits it has on your family life and career.
This is not just for meatheads who are chasing a 6 pack. It’s for real-life men who want to lead a healthy household and be a super hero to their children. All my programs are designed around this core principle.

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