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Most lads that get in touch with me about Bulletproof Dad,

are well over the age of 30,

and tend to have some sort of recurring injury

or issue going on with them.

Whether it be a dodgy knee from football,

a mashed up shoulder from rugby,

a stiff hip from gaelic football,

a tender wrist from hurling,

or the most common,

a sore lower back from sitting at a desk & lugging the kids around.

There’s probably a few battle scars from drunken nights out

that they fail to mention as well ; )

It’s actually very rare, where you get a guy starting with me,

who has no injuries or issues in the tissues

to report before starting off.

It’s why I decided to qualify as a Physical Therapist a few years back.

One Dad that started with me recently,

has been suffering with a very bad knee issue for the past few years.

So much so, it stopped him training & as a result

the weight & the belly crept up.

But since starting,

all he’s done with me in the is upper body work.

He still partakes in all the sessions with the lads,

but when it comes to the leg exercises

I just give him an alternative upper body exercise to do instead.


So instead of hiding behind the excuse of a dodgy knee,

sitting on his ass depressed & watching his belly expand.

And while he can’t do some of the exercises with the lads,

there’s still a sh#t tonne of one’s he can do.

So rather than focus on what he can’t do,

he just zooms in on what he can do.

As a result he’s looking leaner,

& his energy levels are back where they used to be.

Not bad for someone who had a ready made excuse to hide behind.

So if you’re thinking of getting involved in BPD

But a few small niggles are holding you back

Here’s the application link to get me on the phone:


Andrew “No Biggie” Lahart