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Got a watts app from one of the Bulletproof Dad lads yesterday,

he was heading into the Dubs match yesterday with some mates.

And to his delight, he tried on his old Dublin jersey from the late 90’s

(Arnotts sitting proudly as the sponsor)

And the bloody thing actually fitted him.

He’s now in his mid 40’s

and would have bought the jersey when he was playing GAA in his early 20’s

so to say he was over the moon was understatement : )

See he could have done what most lads do once they stop playing sport,

let themselves go & make an excuse that it’s all part of “getting auld”.

BUT, thankfully he decided to get his arse in gear last year joining Bulletproof Dad

And he hasn’t looked back since.

Going from a tight XL to a comfortable medium.

No crazy training or painful diets, just common sense stuff that works.

And now he’s reaping the rewards, being the “fit one” in his group of mates.

Something he hasn’t been in avery long time.

Andrew “back to the future” Lahart