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This is what 32 year old dad Paul O’Mahony 

from Limerick said when telling his story

of he was rushed to hospital two years ago

when he began experiencing chest pains

and feared he was having a heart attack.

At the time he weighed almost 21 stone.

Since that scare he’s since lost a huge chunk of weight.

In this article


he reflected:

“I have three kids,

and I get emotional when I think about the sort of father I was

before I lost weight.

I wouldn’t have been a great father or husband.

I would have been narky, wouldn’t have interacted with them

and I avoided family events and days out.”

Paul’s brutal honesty is a prime example

of how being overweight can affect you.

Not just physically,

but mentally and emotionally as well.

If being “fat” affects your self confidence 

then the negative effects goes WAY beyond just how you look.

It can hold you back in all areas of your life.

Like your family life, as Paul referenced above.

I have the upmost respect for this guy.

Not only how he’s transformed his whole life,

and become happier, healthier and a better husband & dad.

But also because of his bravery to speak openly about

the dark place he was in before he lost the weight.

Hopefully his story will inspire other lads in the same position

to do the same.

PS Here’s the full article,

definitely worth a quick look:


Andrew “massive respect” Lahart

PS investing in group support was the key to his success