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Chatting with one of the BPD lads over the weekend

who had just returned from a a week’s holiday

(I’m actually just back myself also from a week away,

hence no emails last week)

He’s due back for his first BPD session this evening

So naturally I was slagging him how he was now “back to reality”.

But in fairness to him,

he actually admitted that he “missed us”

and that he had missed the training.

See he’s been part of the BPD program since last October

so at this stage it’s become part of his routine.

Putting in an hours shift in the gym with me and the lads

every Monday & Wednesday evening.

So what did he miss?

Was it the crack with lads? possibly

But most likely it was the natural high you get after training.

Picture this,

You’ve had a sh#t day at work.

Stuck sitting at the desk, and surrounded by stress.

You go to the gym that evening,

and you blow off some steam.

It’s an outlet that us lads need.

Otherwise you’re taking all that baggage home with you.

So if you’re stuck in a rut and flying off the handle for no major reason

find something that naturally makes you feel good

and stick to it.

You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Andrew “high as a kite” Lahart

PS Gonna keep the application process open for Bulletproof Dad

for the the rest of the week.

Here’s the link to apply:


PPS those of you that submitted an application last week

I’ll be in touch today as I’m catching up from being away.