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Often you’ll hear the lads during a bulletproof dad session

debating what their most hated and favourite exercise is.

And sometimes it can be the same one.

Reason being,

they hate it because of how challenging it can be,

but they love it because of the sense of achievement

it gives them.

Pull-ups is a prime example.

You vs your bodyweight.

Nowhere to hide.

Everyone when they join,

laughs when I ask them to attempt a pull up for the first time.

“I haven’t done one since I was a child”

Is usually the response I get.

But once I bring in the elastic bands to support them

it allows them to build a foundation

and as the weight falls off them,

the dependency on the bands drop.

And all of a sudden they’re lifting their own body weight


A great feeling.

Boxing is another one the lads love.

It works great in a small group environment.

Everyone pushing & encouraging each other on.

Andrew “love hate” Lahart