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Just fin the Monday morning session with the BPD lads,

And one of the gents there told me something pretty cool.

He said he changed his own profile pic over the weekend.

And in all the years he’s been on social media,

this was the first time he actually used a picture of himself.

He said he used to usually use pics of his kids

or whatever car he had at the time.

(he’s had some nice ones in fairness)

All because he hated seeing himself in pictures.

And actively avoided them where possible.

But now he has a few months training under his belt,

the belly has shrunk, the shirt sizes have dropped

and he now feels good about himself.

Yet another example of how lads

are every bit as body conscious as the ladies.

We just don’t openly talk about it.

But fair play to his honesty, it’s not an easy one to admit.

If you’re experiencing something similar,

hopefully he’ll inspire you to take action

and change your current situation.

Andrew “say cheese” Lahart