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Is this just a load boll#x?

Well what if we use the following example:

A busy dad, who usually gets to the gym 3 hours a week.

But then he joins Bulletproof Dad Program

where he only needs to train 2 hours a week.

He’s gonna gain weight rather than lose it right?

Not quite, here’s why:

When he’s in the gym alone, he sticks to all the cardio machines.

But in BPD, he does properly structured strength training

with other lads around him, pushing & motivating him.

See one of these strength training sessions

can keep you burning a shed load of extra calories for days afterwards

Because your muscle is working against resistance

the muscle fibres have been broken down,

meaning they go into a state of recovery.

This ramps up your metabolism so you become

a calorie burning machine for days after,

even if you’re just sitting at your desk in work.

Pretty cool hey?

See when you do cardio exercise like the treadmill,

you do burn off a nice chunk of calories which is great.

But as soon as you stop,

your metabolism soon cools down to it’s normal resting rate.

It just doesn’t give you the same after-burn that strength training does.

Don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy running or walking definitely keep it up

It will add to your calorie burning.

But with BPD I prioritise strength training so you can maximise this after- burn.

It’s why the lads involved get such good results from only 2 sessions per week.

Also once the broken muscle tissue has repaired, it’s stronger than before.

So as the weight falls of you, you maintain your muscle mass.

Leaving you with an athletic look

rather than that gaunt look you get from just doing cardio alone.

So in this particular context where a bloke swaps

running on a hamster wheel 3 hours a week,

for training within the BPD Program 2 hours a week,

he can actually: “Exercise Less & Lose More”

Again I’ll refer you to the link below to see exactly what I mean:


Andrew “pictures say a thousand words” Lahart