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Ever see these weight loss diets adds online?

“SCAM” is usually the first thing you think of,

BUT in fairness,

If the person stating this, is clued in on their nutrition

then they can actually be telling the TRUTH.

Here’s why:

Once you get past the controversial, attention grabbing headline

and break it down, you’ll see the following.

The basics of weight loss comes down to calories in vs calories out.

So if they are talking about eating more calories

then exercise has to be bumped up in order to burn more off.

But think about the headline, it just said:

“Eat More, Lose More”

So if they just mean eat an increased amount of food

then here’s how it CAN work.

For example, If you swap the processed junk food crap

which has a very high calorie density for more natural foods,

lean meats, spuds & veg in particular

(as they have a pretty low calorie density)

You’ll see that the portion size of the meat & veg dinner

could be double the size of the junk food dinner,

but when you log it in MyFitnessPal,

it’s only half the amount of calories as the junk food meal.

So speaking just in terms of calories,

You could eat 2 meat & veg dinners

for the same no of calories as the junk food.

Which means 4 times the total volume of food.

But if you’re like most people who are conditioned just to eat 1 dinner

than you’ll be stuffed after the BIG meat & Veg meal,

you won’t bother with a second dinner,

so you’ll have created a nice little calorie deficit for yourself,

while still being pretty stuffed from your dinner.

See once you make the right choices

(most of the time)

There’s no need to starve yourself in order to lose the belly.

The lads in Bulletproof Dad are taken aback

by the amount of food they can eat & still lose the weight.

Mon to Fri, most of them don’t even use their full calorie allowance

so they can spend it on a few beers at the weekend.

And still be in a deficit for the week

& therefore not undo their hard work from training

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Andrew “make sense?” Lahart

PS Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s email

where I address the train less, lose more theory : )