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Was chatting with one of to my newer recruits in BPD

over the weekend and I asked him what changes had he noticed

so far since joining BPD.

While he mentioned all the usual stuff like

the waist in the trousers feeling looser & weight loss

he also mentioned:

“In the evenings I’ve way more energy.

I used to fly off the handle for no reason with the kids.

My wife actually mentioned how I’m like a different person now.

And to be honest I wasn’t even that aware of it until she pointed it out.”

Then it occurred to him it was just simply because he was exhausted.

Hard days work in the office was putting him in sh#t humour

for the evening.

(the designated time he was supposed to be enjoying with his family)

Kinda messed up when you think about it.

Anyways he went to his doctor to see if he could do anything for him.

Thankfully rather than give hime bunch of pills,

his doctor basically told him to get up of his arse

and start living a more active lifestyle.

Now this guy is into his 4th week training in BPD

and according to him and his wife he’s a “new man” with the weight loss

If you’re stuck in a similar exhausting rut of

home to work then back to home again

Here’s the application link:


If you want me to give you a quick call tomorrow

and see if you’d be a good fit for the program,

fill it out with honesty and I’ll give you a call back tomorrow.

Andrew “new man” Lahart