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When people ask me

how I “market” or “advertise”

And I tell them about my daily emails.

Particularly other trainers.

the response I usually get is

“why the f#ck do you do that?”

See like in most careers,

the vast majority of people tend to copy what their competitors do,

because that is the accepted way of how things are done.

Well he does that, so I better do the same.

I can see why they think that.

But in all honesty,

the reason they do it is because they are afraid.

Afraid to stand out for who they really are

& instead choose to be a robotic sheep,

following what everybody else is doing.

Granted my emails can ruffle a few feathers,

especially if that person is a sensitive little snow flake.

Hence, the reason I get plenty of unsubscribes.

In a business sense this is considered a bad thing.


It’s awesome.


Because there is nothing worse than a”walking on egg shell” client.

they can just drag the life outta you

& the people they are training with.

And because my group sessions are capped at such low numbers

I can’t afford to have a bad egg in the group.

Bringing down everybody else.

Because you know yourself,

it only takes one person to wreck the whole buzz.

It’s why I refuse to be Mr Professional.

Because in my eyes Mr Professional

is a boring pr#ck with ZERO personality.

Something I refuse to become.

Every time I write an email I am so so conscious

that I give a bang on representation of myself

& the cool as f#ck dudes that I train.

Some people don’t like it,

Fine, they unsubscribe & go look elsewhere

for that robotic sheep that will tell them what they want to hear.

Rather than actually helping them,

by telling them what they NEED to hear.

One of my clients said my emails were like

“dickhead filtering”

which brought a big smile to face, ha.

But because of my refusal to blend in with the crowd

& follow the “accepted” way

I have a training facility packed full of clients

I genuinely love training.


Because I can be myself around them

& so they feel comfortable to be themselves around me.

This in turn leads to a lot of honest hard work being done

& some bad ass results being achieved.

And I owe so much of it to these emails,

because you guys that sign up with me,

already feel like you know me

& you a ready to rock from day 1.

So next time somebody gives you advice

saying “you should” do something.

Smile, nod & then do whatever the f#ck you want to do.

Be yourself, refuse to put the professional mask on

and if a sensitive snowflake takes offence,

that’s their funeral.

If you want to loess weight,

don’t do what the majority do & wait til January.

Get the headstart now,

so you can be better than those people that are

telling themselves stories & are holding off

for the New Year New You bullsh#t that starts after Christmas.

Do what others won’t so you can have what others can’t.

Plus the flexible nutrition plan won’t even impact your festive plans.

So if you’re not a snowflake

here’s the link to get started:


Andrew “unprofessional” Lahart