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These were the words of Celtic manager Brendan Rogers

when reflecting on the untimely death of both his parents a few years ago.

In the last few years he’s been getting stick for going through

some sort of a mid-life crisis.

He lost 3 stone, got divorced,

and probably most famously got his teeth done.

Lots of people had a good laugh at his expense.

But I came across this interview he did yesterday

And here’s what he said about the whole thing:

‘Before I got the Liverpool job, I lost both my parents in quick succession.

My mum was 53 and died on February 3, 2010.

That summer, I got the Swansea job and my dad became ill.

In November 2010, he was diagnosed with throat cancer and, less than a year later, he died.

‘You really reflect on mortality then in your life.

I was looking at myself and thinking,

“I don’t want to die this young, I have my own children”.

This probably happens to many people.

Just because you are a football manager, it doesn’t make you any different.

‘Losing them was a tough moment. I was thinking,

“Died at 53, died at 59, I don’t want to go down this route.

So I’ve got to get healthy. I’ve got to be presentable. I’ve got to change”.

That’s when I lost three stone.

I wanted to get fit and give myself the best chance.

I wanted to be around as long as I possibly could for my own children.

So while it’s absolutely great to look and feel well,

for most lads in their 40’s there’s usually underlying reason

of being fit & healthy for their kids

and as Brendan said

“to be around as long as I possibly could” for them

And for lads who join Bulletproof Dad, it’s no different.

Andrew “what’s your reason?” Lahart

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