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Thought I’d share this with you.

Here’s a simple example of a Day’s Food Intake

for any lad who claims they have a HUGE appetite and looking to lose weight.


Omelette: cooking time = 5 mins

4 eggs & mixed veg (peppers, onions mushrooms etc)

24g of protein & 300 calories. 1/5 Fruit & Veg

Snack 1:

Cooking time = 2 mins

Black Coffee / Tea with protein bar (fulfil, quest, grenade etc)

20g of protein & 200 calories


Cooking time = 5 mins

Brown Bread sandwich with Ham or Chicken & veg

12-17g of protein & 400 calories. 1/5 Fruit & Veg

Snack 2:

Cooking time = 2 mins

150g Greek yoghurt & piece of fruit (apple, banana, berries etc)

15g of protein & 200 calories 1/5 Fruit & Veg


Cooking time = 12 mins

Chicken stir-fry (2 chicken breasts, 120g rice, mixed peppers & onions etc)

40g of protein & 600 calories,  2/5 Fruit & Veg

Snack 3:

Cooking time = 2 mins

Tea & dark chocolate (70% +) 2 squares or 2 chocolate rice cakes

3g of protein & 160 calories

That I’ll you’ll agree is a pretty hefty amount of food when you look at it.

But when you break it down and look at the numbers:

Total Cooking Time: 28 mins

Total Calories: 1,860

Total Protein: 120 grams

Total Fruit & Veg Portions: 6

It’s actually not that much at all in terms of calories.

Reason being, the bulk of the food

comes from good protein & veg sources.

If you ate like this chances are you’d be well full throughout the day

and with such a low calorie content the weight would fall off you.

Just show’s you don’t need to be starving yourself

when trying to shed the belly fat.

You just need to eat the right stuff most of the time.

This is just an example, you don’t have to eat all that,

especially if you find like 4 eggs in the morning a bit much.

It’s just an example of how if you prioritise good protein & veg sources

you can actually eat a tonne of food and still lose weight.

Especially if you combine it with some proper training a few times a week.

So if you are a busy man with 99 problems

Andrew “being hungry ain’t one” Lahart