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Got an email from a lad I used to train over the weekend.

He moved house a few months back

so unfortunately he had to stop training with me.

But we still keep in touch.

And yesterday he dropped me an email looking for my advice

on a 3 day juice challenge he was planning on doing.

He wanted to know do they work?

See the short answer to his question actually is:


(but please read until end)


As you’ll know from following these emails

the basis of weight loss domes down to calories in vs calories out.

It’s pretty much the foundation for any solid weight loss plan.

As a Juice diet is mainly just veggies and some fruits

it will by default put you into a pretty drastic calorie deficit

So chances are you’ll lose some weight.

And while it’s very restrictive, the fact it’s only 5 days

and your motivation will be high to lose the belly

chances are you’ll just about manage to stick to it

so your weight will drop.

But rather then talk about a basic calorie deficit

the juice diet detox sounds much sexier.

So that’s what gets sold instead.

So I just said it’s up to him really.

If he’s badly stuck in a rut then it could be a temporary aid.

But if he just wants to lose some weight

than I told him to save his money

and just focus on getting into a calorie deficit with normal food.

Like Ireland it’s not pretty, but it’s very effective : )

Plus he’ll be far more likely to keep it up consistently.

Andrew “COYBIG” Lahart

PS if you missed my post over the weekend

about Kev’s results after 1 year training with me in BPD

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