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Whether you think he’s the best

or the second best footballer in the world.

You can’t deny, since Christmas he has been unstoppable.

According to Balls.ie

his goal average is up 50%

(not that he was too bad before that)

but why the dramatic improvement?

Simple, Leo Messi went on a “diet”.

Not because he needed to lose weight,

sure there’s barely a pick of fat on him.

But because he wanted to increase his performance levels.

How does food do this?

Well by swapping all the processed crap & fizzy drinks

for wholesome natural foods he’s noted some big changes.

His energy levels have been supercharged,

and his mental sharpness has improved as well.

And as a result of both,

he’s seen a dramatic impact on his performance.

It just shows how much of a difference food can make.

He’s playing football pretty much every day of his life,

since he was a child.

But because he wasn’t eating right,

he was struggling to reach his full potential.

Don’t underestimate how powerful food can be.

One meal can be the difference from feeling good for the rest of the day

or feeling like sh#t.

All depends on the quality of grub you’re having.

If you have a sweet tooth don’t stress,

most people do.

But if you genuinely struggle to eat well,

and you’re energy levels are constantly on the floor

Just reply to this email and I’ll send you on my

“Nedser Melter Mini Recipe Book”

It will give you the kickstart you need.

Andrew “combining food with football” Lahart

(my 2 favourite things)