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What Happened?

Very busy day yesterday in the gym training clients.

Had set aside an hour to do my own program.

Started to do my mobility warm up in my normal clothes

cos it was f#cking freezing!

After getting warm, I reached into my gear bag to get my shorts

(it was a squat workout)

No sign of them, I’d forgotten the bastards!

Ever tried squatting in heavy tracksuit bottoms?

Not fun, particularly around the meat and veg area,

you’re at serious risk of pinching if you know what I mean ; )

As I said not fun!

So I locked the door, closed the blinds

& just did the thing in my boxers.

Why is this positive?

Up to 2 months ago I would have used this as an excuse,

I wudda been straight onto the phone to do “work”

aka pricking about on Facebook getting nothing done.

“F#ck it, I’ll just do it tomorrow”


But instead I got on with it &

Did the f#cking work!

Lesson learned?

Now that have 90 day goals written down,

& somebody that I respect to hold me accountable

I can’t afford to let bullsh#t excuses get in the way

How to apply to my Body?

Instead of looking at reasons not to train, look at reasons to train.

How to apply to my relationships?

If an issue arises with someone close to you,

look at the reasons to make up rather than to argue.

How to apply to my Business/Work?

If something doesn’t go to plan, adapt

& look at other ways of getting it done.

How to apply to my Mind?

If you think you’re too busy to take time out for yourself,

make time & do it.

So you & the people around you can benefit.

So there you have it,

a potential negative, flipped into a positive

& applied to the 4 Key areas of my life.

Simple but VERY effective.

Andrew “put your pants back on‘ Lahart

PS Bulletproof Dads is now FULL

Due to the overwhelming demand,

I am looking to set up a new one,

will keep you posted ; )