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Ever had a doctor tell you your BMI?

(Body mass index)

Basically it’s a score based on a ratio between your

weight & height.

It’s a handy tool for a doctor to tell his very overweight patient

he needs to go on a diet as his BMI is too high.

Rather than having to use the F word.

Fat, not f#ck ; )

But other than that it’s pretty useless.

See muscle weighs more than fat.

So you could have two identical twin brothers.

One is a lazy f#cker who eats crap

and as a result he’s tall & lanky with a little pot belly

The other twin brother who’s the same height, 

has been strength training for the last year

and as a result put on some decent muscle.

Nothing oversize just has an nice element of tone

in his muscles.

Even though they’re both the same height,

the twin who trains,

weighs 10lbs heavier than his lazy bro,

Because his muscles are more defined.

So when they do a BMI test with the Doc,

the lazy one is gonna score better on his BMI.

All because he has less muscle mass from sitting on his ass all day.

And the active brother who eats well most of the time,

is told he needs to lose weight.

Don’t know about you

but I find it very f#cking hard to find the logic behind that one.

The reality is tracking your body fat % is far more accurate

way of tracking your progress.

It tells you the full story about how much fat you’re dropping

And how much lean muscle you’re gaining.

It’s why I track it with all the guys that train with me.

But if you don’t have the luxury of an

experienced trainer to track it for you,

Go off the following two things.

1: How you look

2: How you feel

So rather than get fixated about the scales

strive to look better

& strive to feel better.

Cos if you look & feel good,

who gives a sh#t about what you weigh.


Andrew “tipping the scales” Lahart