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WTF Is Going On?

Did you see this article? https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/health/we-have-got-even-bigger-since-2015-heres-how-fat-the-nation-is-now-36259509.html WTF is going on? All these people getting into fitness but yet we’re predicted to be the fattest nation in the EU by 2030. So to answer the question wtf is going on… See there’s no longer an INBETWEENER. The combination of our modern sedentary life styles and the sh#tty […]

This Friday

So I’ve booked a meeting room in The Carnegie Court in Swords for Friday’s seminar “How To Lose The Beer Belly Without Giving Up The Beer” Here’s a quick reminder of some of the topics that will be included: – Training Weights vs Cardio – How to maximise your limited free time – Supplements: Useful vs Useless […]

WTF You Been Doing?

Chatting to one of my BPD lads tho morning. He was at his brothers 40th over the weekend. So he’d bumped into some family he hadn’t seen for a while. And they all greeted him the same: “What the f#ck have you been doing?!” They all couldn’t get over the difference in his appearance. He’s […]